Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does MGBW use child or bonded labour?




2. What are 501 Ganesh Beedies made of?


Our beedies consist of two ingredients, (i) tendu leaves and (ii) tobacco.


 A beedi consists of tobacco which is rolled in a tendu leaf (Diospyros Exsculpta). Tendu leaves grow wild in the forests of central India. They are collected during the months of April-May every year. These leaves have the special quality of being  completely odourless and tasteless when smoked. There is also no known harmful effects from the use of this leaf. This leaf is sun dried. No preservative or chemicals are added to it at any stage. The quality of the leaf depends upon the rain fall and sun shine for a particular year in  the forests. We use the best quality leaves in our beedies. The tendu leaf is soaked in water, cut in the required shape and hand rolled together with tobacco to produce a  beedi. The beedies are dried in chambers warmed by charcoal fire and then wrapped and labeled which helps  preserve  the freshness and flavour for a longer duration.


The tobacco leaf is harvested when it is green and threaded to long strings and are dried in the sun. These sun dried tobacco leaves are crushed  and used directly in beedies, no chemical nor preservative is added at any point of time. We do not use  flavouring or stabilizing agents.  Tobacco  grown in the western states gives a different flavour from that grown in the northern parts of the country. The exclusive taste of Ganesh  Beedies is brought about by blending  these tobaccos in the right propotions. The raw flavor of the various tobaccos vary from year to year and the mix of these tobaccos is continually adjusted to provide consistent taste.  The uniqueness of this flavour  arising from the  mixing  various tobaccos is a closely guarded family secret.


501 beedies contain tar and nicotine. These chemicals are found naturally in tobacco. We do not claim that beedies are any better/safer than Cigarettes. The tar and nicotine content of each beedi as tested in India is as follows:

NICOTINE:       2.4mg
TAR:                24.0mg


3.  Do 501 Ganesh Beedies come in flavours?


We do not manufacture any artificially flavoured beedies like Strawberry, Chocolate etc.. 501 Ganesh Beedies are manufactured with absolutely no flavouring agents, additives or chemicals.


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